SvelteKit Starterpack CLI tool




Sunday, 19 February 2023

What is SvelteKit Starterpack?

The SvelteKit Starterpack is a CLI tool that allows you to easily and quickly set up production-ready apps with SvelteKit. The tool is available on NPM and can be used to set up a SvelteKit project quickly with a number of standard packages. Currently, you have the option to add TailwindCSS as a styling framework and the option to set up a project with the OpenAI API to quickly start an AI project.


I noticed that I wanted to start projects more easily and make use of standard packages. Therefore, I created this CLI tool to quickly set up a SvelteKit project with a number of standard packages and options to add extra packages.

What I did

  • Designed and built the CLI tool (with Prompter)
  • Made the tool available on NPM

Open a terminal and execute the following command to use the tool:

 npx create-sveltekit-starterpack@latest my-project