Audiogest is a web app I built that automatically transcribes and generates summaries of recordings. You can upload a video or audio file and receive a transcript in less than 5 minutes. Then, you can generate a summary or list action items in one click, so simple! Later I added some functionality to edit and export transcripts. Users have told me they like the simplicity of the interface and the accuracy of the transcript, especially in non-English languages.

Audiogest transcript page

Why I built it

It started as a side project when I was writing my master's thesis in the start of 2023. This was around the time ChatGPT was just released (November 2022) and OpenAI also released their state-of-the-art speech to text model: Whisper. They released this model with open-weights and open-sourced the architecture, meaning anyone could use it freely on their device or host it somewhere in the cloud.

So I hacked a Python script together to get something working. I was conducting interviews for my thesis project at the time, so this was a perfect way to test it. It had incredible accuracy and really helped speed up my work. I added some more code so the transcript was summarized using GPT-3.5, which really helped me quickly digest the interviews I had conducted.

How I did it

There where 2 problems that the first version had: inference was slow (took 30+ min to transcribe a 40 min recording on my M1 Mac Mini with 16gb or RAM), and it did not have speaker diarization (= separating speech by speaker). So I started working on a custom pipeline that I could host on a GPU server. I ended up creating a public model on Replicate that now has over 70k+ (!) runs: The model is free to use on Replicate and is used on my backend for Audiogest. I started using Pyannote for diarization, another open-source + open-weights AI model.

With this model in place I build a single page demo and published it in March 2023. The demo had no authentication, paywall, database or analytics. Just a single page to validate the idea. It had many problems and didn't work well, but thanks to some back and forth with some early users I managed to fix it.

I started iterating on this demo and eventually came up with a name (audio + digest = audiogest) and added authentication and Stripe for billing to start accepting payments. A week after this release I received my first payment, which was also my first $ I ever made online.

From then on I iterated and slowly improved the web app, added analytics, marketing email, content marketing pages, media file storage for playback, and so on.

Quick stats

As of January 2024 (10 months of being live)

  • 6000+ unique visitors
  • 1000+ signups
  • 100+ paying users
  • 1500+ recordings transcribed
  • $3000+ revenue

Available here: